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Lee Whyberd is a talented Welsh medium best known for his ability to bring lightness and hope to even the most serious or difficult of experiences, using a combination of wit, incisiveness and compassion.


Descended from a long line of sensitives on his maternal side, Lee began reading for close friends and relatives in his 20’s. However, he was called to work with spirit more seriously after an illness in his 40’s which led him to develop his natural gifts and abilities in order to help others on a fulltime basis. 


Since then, he has become a regular feature at numerous spiritual churches in and around Kent and Wales; and frequently does group readings at clairvoyant evenings and séances across the country, where he has worked with some of the best known mediums in the UK, including Colin Fry, Jayne Wallace of the Psychic Sisters, Derek Acorah, Billy Cook and Alex Baily.  He is also a regular visitor To Dubai.


However, his first love is one-to-one readings, where he strives to help those who feel lost to re-discover their sense of purpose and direction in life, as well as reconnect people to their loved ones who are in spirit.


His straightforward, warm personality and extremely precise, detailed readings have earned him a loyal following in London, Mumbai and Dubai.


Lee spends several days a week in Harley Street and Covent Garden, where he is gaining an ever broadening client base.  Customers include professional and business people, celebrities and people from the Arts.  He regularly conducts telephone and Skype readings as far afield as Australia, South Africa, Dubai, New York and LA.

As well as being an accomplished clairvoyant medium he is able to undertake the moving of objects by spiritual will and changing his physical appearance to represent a being from spirits.  He also brings comfort and relief from pain as a Healer.

Currently focussing on a new show which will consist of himself and two other psychic mediums whom give live readings to volunteers from the audience. This is still in its formative stages.  It has not been done before and will be a whole new experience. The show will be hosted by well known celebrities.

Planning tours to Dubai and Mauritius later this year.


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